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Wortal is the ultimate full-service platform to deliver fresh HTML5 games and interactive content to a worldwide audience. Grab players’ attention, increase engagement, and bring in more ad revenue.

The Wortal advantage for HTML5 games & interactive content

Consistent revenue share

We provide dependable and transparent ad revenue sharing that works for developers.

Unrivaled global reach

A vast network of platforms on the web and partnering apps like Rakuten Viber with over 1M+ monthly active users.

Easy onboarding

Our dedicated support team helps you launch and grow your game and our Wortal SDK covers all major engines.

Wortal SDK

The Wortal SDK makes onboarding your game a snap with plugins that cover all major HTML5 game engines.

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Reach a worldwide audience and bring in more revenue! If you’re a Game Developer and have high-quality HTML5 game content, you can apply to publish your game on our network of HTML5 Game Portals while earning a percentage of the ad revenue.

Wortal is a complete system created by Digital Will to remotely serve, manage and monetize interactive HTML5 content. Wortal allows web publishers and app owners to quickly and easily add games and interactive content to their site or app, and gives content creators the chance to get their content in front of a huge international audience.

Wortal includes a built-in dashboard for easy customization, management and reporting. At a glance, see which games players are connecting with most and optimize for the best experience.

Powered by Wortal, the HTML5 Game Portal is a free online arcade of hyper-casual games that publishers can add to their website. HTML5 Game Portals offer lightning-fast loading, require no downloads and are optimized for both desktop and mobile. Our Portals span a vast international network of web publishers and partner apps.

Connect with a global community of gamers spanning multiple languages, countries and cultures. Our Media Publisher partners include several international companies across the USA, Europe and Asia, and our community continues to grow.

Full integration with Google AdSense for Platforms lets developers and publishers monetize content and receive a straightforward and fair share of the ad revenue. The split is simple, consistent, and guaranteed for the entire lifetime of your game. 20% goes to keep Wortal running and the remaining is split evenly between publishers and developers. Revenue sharing is effortlessly handled through your Wise account.

As gamers ourselves, we hold ourselves to a certain standard. All developers are welcome to submit, but only games that meet the mark make it in our library. Every game is carefully reviewed to ensure it is bug-free, adheres to the policies of Google AdSense and our publishers, and more importantly – is actually fun to play.

Our team has years of hands-on experience releasing games for Facebook Instant Games, Snapchat and native games for mobile. We understand the problems that HTML5 developers face and have a solid knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t. We have gone through it ourselves to make it easy for you to get started.

Regardless of platform, if you make great games, we offer step-by-step support to help you port your Unity-based games over to our HTML5 Game Portal using WebGL.

Our platform optimizes game display and placement to ensure both game developers and website publishers make the most revenue possible. New games are given an opportunity to get noticed and played by each sites’ audience, and the inventory of games is optimized per site.

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